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Recommended Reading List:


Child Care/Support Groups
Bullard, Diane & Hayslett, Janet. Report Card
Lauren Publications. The Children's Pages Dallas Child Magazine

Fraiberg, Selma. The Magic Years
Pomeranz, Virginia. The First Five Years
Smart/Smart . Children
"Fertile Minds" Time Magazine - Feb. 3, 1997
Newsweek: Special Edition - Spring/Summer 1997
Sears, William The Baby Book
Brazelton, Berrry T. Touchpoints

Health Care
Boston Childrens Medical Center. Child Health Encyclopedia
Fontana, Vincent. A Parent's Guide to Child Safety
Metzgar, Mary & Whittaker, Cynthia. The Childproofing Checklist
Shiller, Jack G. Childhood Illness: A Common Sense Approach
Spock, Dr. Benjamin. Baby and Child Care

Gazella, Jacqueline. Nutrition for the Chilbearing Years
Heslin, J. Natow, A. & Raven, B.. No-Nonsense Nutrition for Your Baby's First Year
Lansky, Vicki. Feed Me, I'm Yours
Pryor, Karen. Nursing Your Baby
Smith, Lendon. Feed Your Kids Right
Williams, Phyllis. Nourishing Your Unborn Child

Beebe, Brooke. Best Bets for Babies
Brazelton, T. Berry. Infants & Mothers
Brazelton, T. Berry. On Becoming A Family
Brazelton, T. Berry. Touchpoints
Brazelton, T. Berry. What Every Baby Knows
Caplan, Frank. The First Twelve Months of Life
Caplan, Frank. The Parenting Advisor
Crary, Elizabeth. Without Spanking or Spoiling
DeLorenzo, Robert. Total Child Care
Dodson, Fitzhugh. How To Parent
Elkind, David. The Hurried Child
Garcia-Prats, Catherine. Good Families Just Don't Happen
Johnson & Johnson Child Development Books. The First Wondrous Year
Jon, Sandy. Crying Baby - Sleepless Nights
Kelly, M. & Parson, E. The Mother's Almanac
Lansky, Vicki. Best Practical Parenting Tips
Leach, Penelope. Babyhood
Leach, Penelope. The Child Care Enclopedia
Leach, Penelope. Your Baby and Child
Link, David. American Baby Guide to Parenting
Ribble, Margaret. The Rights of Infants
Rozdilsky, Mary Lou & Banet, Barbara. What Now? A Handbook for New Parents
Sammons, Wm. The Self-Calmed Baby


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